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Many different applications with unidirectional carbon fiber

Unidirectional carbon fiber is a carbon reinforcement that is not woven or braided. All the fibers of this reinforcement run In a single, parallel direction that allow no gaps in between each fiber, causing it to have a concentrated density. Eurocarbon, from the Netherlands, is a company that specialises in manufacturing different products from carbon fiber, such as filler or unidirectional fabric. Since 1982 they have been specialised in braiding and weaving carbon fiber into these products and have since then also added overbraiding to their resume. Do you have a company in the composites industry and are you looking for a strong yet light reinforcement material? These experts are here to discuss your endless possibilities!

Their straightforward working method

Eurocarbon is not only a pioneer when it comes to engineering and manufacturing reinforcement materials with carbon fiber, such as filler, but they are also a very reliable supplier. When you make the choice to partner up with this company, you will always know where you stand thanks to their clear and professional approach. These experts follow four simple steps when it comes to completing your project. First, they will discuss your problem and will come up with an appropriate solution, whether that is a product from their standard program, or a tailored solution. Then they will come up with a quotation, which they will share with and explain to you. The next step is production, where your product will carefully be constructed so that it perfectly fits your needs. When all of that is completed, all that is left is the delivery of the product, right on your doorstep!

Contact them

Are you interested in the services of this specialised company and would you like to order unidirectional carbon fiber, or carbon fiber filler? Do not hesitate to contact them by using the contact details on their website. The experienced and enthusiastic employees are more than happy to help you!