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HollandZorg offers healthcare security to foreign migrant workers

Every foreigner who comes to the Netherlands for work and will live here temporarily will be looking for security. HollandZorg can offer that. As an independent, specialized health insurer for flex migrants we make life easier for both employees and employers with our customized healthcare policies. HollandZorg has worldwide insurance expertise with respect to foreign migrant workers in the Netherlands. They can count on multilingual service, excellent support and generous reimbursement of their healthcare costs.

Basic insurance by HollandZorg most popular among flex migrants

Anyone who starts working in the Netherlands as a foreign migrant worker is usually obligated to take out health insurance here. The basic insurance option offered by HollandZorg is the most frequently chosen healthcare policy among flex migrants. First you’ll have to register as a resident of the Netherlands in the Dutch municipality where you live. Once you have received a citizen service number (BSN), you can apply for Dutch health insurance with HollandZorg. If you’ll be working in the Netherlands as a foreigner and are registered as a non-resident, a statement from your employer will be required as well.

Entitled to reimbursement of healthcare costs with an EHIC card

After taking out health insurance with HollandZorg, you’ll receive an EHIC card. This insurance card contains your insurance details. The EHIC card or European Health Insurance Card entitles you to reimbursement of necessary medical expenses in the countries of the EU, EEA (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland. You can quickly submit your claim to HollandZorg by using the EHIC app. For temporary employment agencies and employers there’s a special employer portal where the policy administration of flex migrants can be viewed and where foreign personnel can easily be registered and unregistered. Are you interested in health insurance by HollandZorg for foreign migrant workers? Please contact us quickly. You can do so by telephone (+31(0)570 687 123) or via the contact form at www. Hollandzorg .com. You’re also welcome at our office in Deventer.