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More customers on your webshop

Sometimes you don’t really know what it is: you think everything is fine, but you see that the number of people who actually buy something is not as much as you would like. So what’s the best thing to do? Check out the possible options here.

Too few articles in your webshop

It could just be that the offer is too limited. It is often easier to buy something somewhere where, because you buy several things, you no longer have to pay shipping costs. However, if there is little choice for the customer, you will not sell anything quickly.

Unclear range

It is also possible that your assortment is not arbitrary. You can of course sell just about anything on a, but if you have a small webshop, it is better to distinguish yourself through a sophisticated range. Preferably also with own products.

No user centered design: UX research

What can also be a problem is that you don’t have a user centered design. UX research can then be an opportunity to find out how to make the design more user-friendly. UX research is a profession in its own right. It is therefore best to outsource this. If you improve the user-friendliness of the website, you will quickly generate more sales. Unclear and unusable forms are really a clincher for sales.

Too few visitors

If you have too few visitors, you will not sell enough. Many webshops are already happy with a sales percentage of 3 or 4 percent. So calculate for yourself what you need in terms of visitors to get enough customers. It is not the case that visitors automatically come to your website. Just an occasional message on social media won’t get you there. Create more routes to get more customers. And, don’t just think about the online resources out there. Perhaps you can distinguish yourself by increasing your brand awareness offline. So try things out. Do that well, because otherwise you think something won’t work, but it’s just the implementation.