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Slow fashion is important to consider

Perhaps you have never heard of the term “slow fashion” before. It is the counterpart of “fast fashion”, which describes the current clothing industry. “Fast fashion” is the frequent buying of cheap items of clothing and throwing a lot of clothes away.

As sustainability is becoming increasingly important and more is being written about it, everyone knows that this way of dealing with clothing is no longer desirable. That is how the counterpart “slow fashion” is born. In this article you will read a number of tips and tricks on how to do “slow fashion” yourself and contribute to a better world.

The first tip is to throw away as little clothing as possible. Many items of clothing end up in the garbage while someone else still might be able to enjoy it for many years. So first, try to consider whether you can make yourself want to keep it, for example by making a small adjustment with suede dye, shoe paint, cutting up or other ways to adjust it to your taste. If you can’t use it for yourself anymore, for example if it does not fit anymore, give it away! You can give clothing away to people you know, take it to a second-hand store or give it away for a good cause.

The next tip is to think about what you buy. Some clothes are sold so cheap that you should question it. Is this produced in a fair way? On the internet you can find a lot about which stores sell sustainable and honest clothing and which do not. You can take this into account when shopping.

Also remember that buying new clothes it not the only option. You can also go to a nice second-hand store to buy nice items of clothing. These are often much more unique than what you can find in the regular stores.