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Steps for using Tassimo coffee maker!

Everyone is familiar with Tassimo coffee maker! But does anyone know about its proper usage procedure? The use of Tassimo machines is simple and easy; only after one understands how to use it.

Step 1:

You have to turn on your Tassimo machine on and make sure you have filled sufficient water in the water tank available here. When the water is ready, the Stand-by icon will light up.

There are a lot of types of coffee one can make when it comes to Tassimo machine. Hot coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate – and a lot more! According to your needs and preferences, place the suitable cup on the stand.

Step 2:

Since the Tassimo machine can make different types of coffees, this has been made possible because of the discs like containers, which consists of the ingredients. Funnily enough, they are called as T DISCS, or Tassimo pods. Go ahead and choose the preferred T DISC.

The brewing unit, or the Tassimo pod holder, comes with a part specifically designed for the T DISCS. You have to open the brewing unit by lifting the lid and placing the desired T DISC. Insert the T DISC, placing the imbibed barcode side down. You also have to make sure of the tab of the T DISC, which has to be secured in the slot to the right.

Step 3:

Now, this is the simplest part of this easy procedure. You only have to close the brewing unit onto the glass, by pushing the lid down. Make sure that it makes the sound of clicking into the place, so that there is no spilling out of the contents. Make the push firm and absolute so that the spilling doesn’t happen.

Step 4:

Once the stand-by light flashes – which it does after reading the bar code – i.e. the automatic icon lights up, your Tassimo machine is ready to brew. It is the signal for pressing the start/stop button.

You can manipulate the process as well. In case of preferring a stronger taste and a smaller drink, you can press the start/stop button at any stage during the brewing process, for stopping the process early. Also, for getting a mild taste but large drinks, wait until the Automatic brewing process has finished. Once the manual icon will light up, you have to press and hold the start/stop button to manually extend the brewing process.

Once the process is done, just pour it in a fancy cup or Costa latte glasses and just sit back and enjoy your hot and delicious beverage.

Step 5:

The cleaning process is equally important just like the making process. But first, to remove the used T DISC, you have to wait until the orange stand-by light is on before removing it. The green light indicated that your Tassimo machine is still in use.

Also, if you are not going to prepare more than one drink, it is recommended that you turn off your Tassimo machine by the on/off switch.

Now that you know how to use it, have fun making delicious coffees for yourself and your family, friends and loved ones!