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What is Circular IT, and why should a business invest in it?

Circular IT is closely tied to the Circular Economy. In principle,the circular economy aims to make the world a better place for humans to live by reducing waste, redistributing resources, and recycling. With the increase in the number of IT products ( mobile devices and peripherals), there is a dire need for the adoption and investments in Circular IT given the short lifespan of such products. But what is it we are even talking about? 

What does Circular IT involve?

  • Hardware buyback. This is a necessary service for companies that have surplus IT hardware. Instead of leaving unused computers, network equipment, and storage devices to lay around the office, you can always dispose them so they can help other users. This saves you storage space and can drive significant finance in residual value.
  • Secure storage hardware destruction. Secure data shredding is one of the IT concepts gaining significant traction. It is risky for a company to have old storage devices lying on the shelves or being leased to users without following necessary protocols. Data shredding may involve either total hard drive destruction (mechanical) or secure data shredding using specialized software.
    This process is applicable when you need to sell your used computers, re-deploy to a new work station, discard a computer, or re-assign a computer to another user.
  • Data-center disposal. How much private information is stored in your data center? Security of such data is vital and necessitates secure data center clean up and removal. You do not want records landing in the wrong hands. In circular IT, data center clean up, and disposal often involves a closed-loop process that ensures reliability, leak-proof privacy, and security.
    This service involves the removal of data center infrastructure either partially or as a whole. The infrastructure may include servers, networking equipment, storage systems, and patch panels. 

Why is it attractive for a business to invest in circular IT?

1. Supporting a green economy

IT equipment, like other products, are made from scarce resources in the world. Disposing of IT equipment securely, recycling, and reselling used computers is a viable attempt to reduce over-exploitation of resources. In particular, reselling and recycling used hardware makes them stay useful for longer, thus reducing the demand for newly manufactured alternatives. It also helps minimize e-waste pollution.

2. Attractive returns

Disposal and recycling of IT equipment through Circular IT processes offers handsome returns in residual value. For instance, after recycling new hardware, we can obtain raw materials to manufacture new systems or repair existing ones. And for companies with a large load of disposable items, the residual value might be significant.

The IT industry is growing each day and increasing the amount of e-waste. In turn, Circular IT is increasingly gaining traction for its benefit to the environment, and the profits reaped from residual value. Companies centered on Circular IT will continue reaping earnings for as long as the IT industry exists.