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The shoes make the player. When you decide to buy squash shoes, this must meet a number of requirements. It must be light in weight so that you keep your speed over the track. In addition, they must give a lot of grip on the track so that you can quickly change direction when necessary. If the squash shoes do not have enough grip, this can have many consequences because it can cause sliding. This often results in an ankle or knee injury. The squash shoes that we offer are from top brands such as Eye, Oliver and Salming. Both women’s and men’s shoes contain the latest technologies for optimal use.

Consider the right stability, ventilation, damping and therefore the ability to make quick and powerful movements. The most important thing with squash shoes is that they give you the opportunity to easily move through the field. The following criteria are important when choosing squash shoes: – The shoes must fit the player’s foot perfectly – The weight of the shoe – The model, brand and color must suit you Are you not quite sure about your choice? Send us a message in the chat and we will help you immediately! Eye squash shoes The S Line squash shoes from Eye are worn by various top players. They both wear the Dutch champion Piëdro Schweertman and the top-10 player of the world, Paul Coll. They have been extensively tested by both players and passed with flying colors.

Advantages of these shoes are that they last extra long because they have been given an extra protective layer on the places where damage occurs most frequently. An extra “cushion” is built in at the heel so that the biggest hits are absorbed. In addition, the shoes contain a built-in technology called “Neoprene Inner Lining” which keeps the feet cool during long squash pots. Salming squash shoes Salming squash shoes contain different technologies all developed so that you reach the ball on time. Salming uses “Roll Bar-Technology”, among other things. This ensures that the player can easily turn his or her foot inwards.

This is especially useful when you can just get the ball by taking a big step. In addition, the latest line of Salming squash shoes has been developed to protect the ankle against double flaps. Double-folding the ankle is a common cause of squash injuries, making it a solution for many squash players.