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Beauty and Personal Care

Discover what CBD skincare can do for your skin

More and more people are becoming aware of what they put on their body and face. We prefer to know exactly what is in our skincare products. For that reason, many turn to clean beauty. Clean beauty stands for carefully and consciously produced products. We talk about pure cosmetic products that do not contain harmful ingredients and that communicate clearly about the origin and composition of the ingredients. But what brands are really recommended if you want to go ‘clean’?

Keep your beauty products as clean as possible

Clean beauty and pure products are increasingly emerging in beauty land. Would you like to fill your bathroom with more products that comply with clean beauty? Than you should definitely get to know the brand LALO®. They believe that there is a whole list of ingredients one’d better avoid. With that in mind, they are dedicated to making powerful formulas that do what they promise but without any dirty ingredients which are linked to possible adverse health and environmental effects. One of the ingredients they do use in their skincare, is CBD. It is a brilliant ingredient with so many great benefits. They believe you can implement the wonders of CBD in your clean skincare ritual with their products! They have a wonderful face cream, face oil and lip balm. The products from this brand contain ingredients that are sustainable, natural and very rich in vitamins.

Discover their range

The whole range of LALO® is vegan friendly and produced in the most sustainable way possible. You will find only premium, clean and vegan beauty products in their range, including skincare with CBD in it. They have extract all of the goodness of the hemp plant and use it to create next level CBD skincare. Want to know more about their products? Visit their web shop, order the products and discover it yourself!