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Electrochemical activated water generators prevents water from viruses

The emergence of drug resistance in bacteria, parasites and viruses may reverse the medical advances of the past 60 years. Microbial resistance or a rapidly spreading virus are the biggest threats to human society. That is why Aquaox has developed electrochemically activated water generators that produce electrolyzed water for cleaning and disinfection. The water is electrolyzed with this device. This is important for surface disinfection, as well as linen and other dangerous microbe control. In fact, this device is very suitable for all kinds of cleaning and because of this, people do not get sick. The cleaning is also done thanks to environmentally safe and durable materials of which it is made.

Water purification systems

So there are three different electrochemically activated water generators. There is the EA-, the EC-, and the MOW-systems. Each system has its own characteristic and is suitable for its own industry. Are you working in agriculture and horticulture? Then take an EA-system. If you are in the production processes, you choose the EC-systems and if you work in water purification, you use a MOW-system.  They also offer the EAW-30-C unit, which is the smallest in their range. This generator produces electrolyzed water in small storage tanks, allowing you to fill spray bottles, buckets or misters. Thanks to these systems, you no longer need to use harmful chemicals!

Disinfect wisely

Are you curious about this expert’s electrochemical activated water generators? They have their own facilities for research, development and production in the Netherlands and the US. Because all their solutions are green and biodegradable, you can use them safely without harm to people and the environment. Would you also like to use one of these water generators and experience all the benefits? Then contact this expert and discover everything about safe cleaning and disinfection with water generators!