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The beautiful city of Frankfurt, originally ‘Frankfurt am Main’ is often referred to as the gateway of Europe. Largest city in the German state of Hesse,Frankfurt remains aloof from other popular destinations of Germany by offering leisurely sightseeing opportunities with open spaces and a calm atmosphere despite being a unique and colorful place to visit. Along with the friendly locals, rich history, beautiful architecture, here are six more reasons to visit Frankfurt this summer.


Showcasing the finest German culture, Romerberg, also known as the ‘Roman Mountain’, situated in the heart of the city where its history is most rich. It sits next to the Town Hall which is untouched since 1405. The cafes and shops adjacent bring out the real German culture and tradition from centuries ago. Used for city administration since the fifteenth century, is a major location for Frankfurt Christmas Market.


This museum in Senckenberg, is the second largest of its kind in the whole of Germany. It showcases biodiversity of life and evolution, complete with thousands of exhibits ranging from Egyptian mummies to rare fossils, offering an educational experience for young and old alike. The dinosaur collection here is the largest in Europe, and they have an astounding bird skin collection, hence being a popular place to visit with children.

Palmengarten botanical gardens

A horticulturalwonder spread over 22 hectares of land, the Palmengarten Botanical Gardens give you a lively experience of nature from all around the world; sultry mangroves, dry desert with prickly cacti, rainy monsoon forests. It has climate controlled zones from different parts of the planet with rare plants blooming, creating a popular local and international attraction.

Goethe House

Placed in the Innenstadt district,23 GroßerHirschgraben, the Goethe House was residence to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a very famous German poet who was born here in 1749. Now turned into a house museum, the half-timbered four story house is a frequent host of visitors from all around the world.

The Food

Frankfurt is especially known for some of its special delicacies. For example, the apple wine which is known as liquid gold has been Frankfurt’s most popular drink for over fifty years, found in the cider taverns of the Sanchsenhausen district, also available on a fun tram ride, Ebbelwei Express. Or try the bratwurst sausage which can be found in the Kleinmarkthalle food market which is known to entice taste-buds, or, the cakes at the cafe on Braubach Street; Ilmore Patisserie which is French food in a German city. What’s more interesting is that the owners are Japanese.

Stadel Museum

StädelschesKunstinstitut und StädtischeGalerie, more commonly known as Stadel Museum, is home to 2,700 paintings  from 1770 to 1820 (of which 600 are displayed), a collection of 100,000 drawings and prints, 600 sculptures, and a library of 100,000 books and 400 periodicals. Along with housing a lovely collection, it is also beautiful to behold alongside with Stadel Garden.

Frankfurt may not be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, but it has its special touches to make it a pleasure to explore. There are many affordable hotels in Frankfurt. For example, the moxy hotel in Frankfurt. The history, the culture, the taste of this city has its own charisma, one which can’t be found anywhere else.