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Have a pesticide analysis of fruit carried out

It can be very useful to let a professional conduct a pesticide analysis of fruit. Supermarkets, for example, regularly use the service. They cannot afford to put food on the market that does not fully meet the standards. There are very strict standards and controls. So, as a supermarket, you would certainly do well to have such analyses carried out. You cannot dream of a crisis breaking out because you have not had analyses carried out. So do not hesitate to use the services of a professional. Read on and find out which specialist we recommend for a pesticide analysis of fruit.

Choose this specialist for pesticide analysis of fruit and other foods

We always recommend the same specialist for pesticide analysis of fruit and other foods. We are talking about the specialists at Primoris. They have the necessary experience to guarantee the highest possible level of safety. They use multi-residue methods. A great advantage is that they are not only available for pesticide analysis of food for humans, but also of animal feed. So there are several reasons to choose the specialist. They are also perfectly familiar with the legal framework surrounding pesticides. So if your samples exceed certain values, they are on the alert and always clearly indicate this. This is of course very important, because, as mentioned before, the legislation concerning the use of pesticides is very strict.

Contact the specialist

Be sure to contact the specialist. It is not a bad idea to contact the specialist Primoris if you would like to have some more information about the advantages of a pesticide analysis or fruit and its specific operation. It is not a bad idea to clearly indicate what the food is for. In this way, they will be able to check the specific guidelines on pesticide values more quickly and your result will be even more accurate.