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Food Experiences in Milan that are calling your Name

Milan is a city in Italy which is greatly known for its beauty and architecture. This second most populated city in Italy is one of the finest examples of art and ancient culture. However, that is not the side of the coin we plan to show here. Milan is rich with the richest food experience around the world and that’s the journey you’re about to begin below.

Upscale Culinary Experience

You might now know that Milan is one of the highest ranking places to have caviar and its caviar produce is one of the best in the world. So this experience might shake your budget a bit but it is totally worth it!

Do Not Miss

Consider it criminal to return from Milan without trying Risotto alla Milanese with Ossobuco. Though at the first sight it might look like the boring yellow rice with an overly spicy gravy but trust us, this dish entrée is much more than that. The yellow rice is basically creamy saffron risotto topped with the juiciest piece of shank that you’d ever taste.

Did someone say DESSERT?

Did you? Because that is what we were coming towards. While you are there, do not miss single chance to taste all the gelato flavors Milan has to offer. The best part about Gelato is that you can have it while you’re on the go which might lead to an overdose of this taste bud tingling dessert. So feel no shame in loading scoops in your cone and taking a stroll around the city.


Now we are talking, aren’t we! Milan’s specialty is the happy hour when the city doesn’t know anything else other than food. Very often at the happy hour, you’ll be lucky to be offered with free food or even buffets. You can always go to Terrazza Aperol or Da otto to get yourself pampered.

P for?

If you had to think about this one, please walk yourself out of the foodie club. What is a visit to Milan without their popular pizzas? Let’s just say that you are going to have so many options that you’ll run out of days but would not be able to try all the options. But just for your convenience’s sake, Gino Sorbillo and Maruzzella are the few of the many go-to pizza places.

Buttering it up!

There are times when you just want to have meat in its yummiest, juiciest forms. If this time comes up again and you happen to be in Milan, do not give it much thought and go for the traditional, thick veal cutlet that is fried in butter with a side of piping hot baby potatoes.  Trust us; it doesn’t get more old school than this.

Go Lavish

When you’re done with stuffing yourself silly on the street food in Milan and want to go for something formal, Milan has you covered. You can always turn to Ceresio 7 which is a mix of designer atmosphere and the best pasta, risotto and fish you can get. Also, if dinner is not a part of your plan, just drop by for a drink but do not, I repeat, do not miss this chance of having this luxury rooftop dining experience.

While we are sure about the next destination you are planning in your mind, please excuse us as we begin preparing for our trip to Milan, just for the sake of our drooling taste buds!

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