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Madden NFL 21: December Title Update – Part 1

December has arrived and as usual, Electronic Arts has released a fairly large title update. This update mainly addresses stability and usability issues but it also adds new content to the game. These additions take the form of new superstar abilities, new X-Factor players and new Superstar players. As usual, EA has used community feedback to improve the game in a satisfactory way for the fans. In this article, we will cover the gameplay and game modes updates as well as the changes made to the user experience.

Let us start this article with the gameplay updates. The update has fixed an issue that prevented the ball to reach the correct speed on specific quarterback passing animations. The deep zone defenders reaction to crossing routes from a single-receiver side have been improved. Cut-reaction time for linebackers in man-coverage facing away from the QB has been slowed down. The update has also fixed a run-block targeting issue that occurred with the Gun Wing Flex WkInside Zone play.

Quarterbacks will no longer appear to use under-pressure passes when they are not actually under pressure. The patch has added new superstar abilities and updated the current one accordingly to NFL Players performances up to this point in the present NFL Season. Lastly, the patch has fixed an issue that caused defenders in man coverage vs. a ‘block-and-release’ running backs to switch their assignments to blitz when they see the running back blocking. The running back would then be left uncovered and would run his route without issue.

The Yard mode and Superstar KO have benefited of stability improvements. Concerning the user Experience, users will now be able to go directly from Avatar customization screens to the vanity store. They will just have to click on the store advertisement or hit Y/Triangle when viewing individual items. This first December update does not focus on game modes as you can see. Its main goal as we stated in the introduction of this article, was to add and update the content of the game in general.

In the second part of this article, we will cover the new additions made to the game and give you some insight into the updated content. You can buy MUT coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)