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Wagner Paint Sprayer

The Wagner Universal Sprayer 950 paint sprayer is a versatile spray gun for the consumer that is very well suited for larger consumer projects. Consider above all a house with wall paint. In addition, the Universal Sprayer W 950 with a small adjustment, is able to refurbish garage doors or doors and cabinets. To do this, the built-in extension must be disconnected and the supplied paint attachment fixed. Now you are ready to provide lacquer or stain business!


Characteristic of this spray gun is that you can draw the wall paint directly from the bucket. This makes you work faster, lighter and easier. Especially above your head. The supplied “attachment” must be used for painting and staining. This attachment has a reservoir of 800ml and is ideal for quickly and easily completing small parts, such as furniture. You can use lacquer or stain for about 5-6 m2 per completely filled reservoir.


This spray gun is specially designed for reaching ceilings and (high) wall parts. Ideal for the Universal Sprayer W950 is the long, and also lightweight spray lance that allows you to effortlessly coat your ceiling with wall paint.


The cleaning is very simple as only the “attachment” needs to be cleaned and the machine has to be flushed with warm water (latex). The very powerful turbine allows you to spray most paints undiluted. Previously, paint should always be thinned, to be well processed by a paint sprayer.


There are mainly 2 spraying techniques for paintsprayers: Airless and HVLP. Without going into the technical details, we will give you the most important differences that are relevant to you. The Universal Sprayer 950 is an HVLP paint sprayer, however, due to the different model, this spray gun is suitable for larger latex jobs. This is the only one of its kind! Choose the wagner airless paint sprayer and enjoy all the comforts.